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DOWNLOAD ZIP; Big Thief: ‘Two Hands’


Two Hands‘ by Big Thief You can download big thief two hands return with the warm, direct and brilliant Two Hands, their second album of 2019.

Big Thief – Two Hands

Two Hands is the “earth twin” to U.F.O.F.‘s “celestial” spirit and it shows. Recorded a few days after U.F.O.F, switching Washington State’s dewy forests for the harsh, decaying desert of El Paso, we receive an album which is altogether warmer, sweatier, and more direct. Two Hands was recorded almost entirely live compared to U.F.O.F.‘smulti-layered, highly constructed studio work, and the difference is palpable. The energy found on Shoulders and Not is unquenchable; on the latter track the band threaten to blow through your speakers, such is their presence.

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